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Orthostatic Tremor

Orthostatic Tremor

Information, News, Research, and Discussion

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The OT Newsletter

Dear OT Community —

We invite you to read the new Orthostatic Tremor Newsletter which is the new face of our
twice-yearly update and fundraising communication. Our new format includes personal stories, photos and graphics from you, our OT family.

You are also invited to submit your own photos, stories and any unusual ways you have found
to cope with OT to the editor, whose email is on the newsletter.

As always, this newsletter includes information on the on-going OT research led by Dr. Diego Torres at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, and the research under the nonprofit umbrella of NORD (National Organization of Rare Disorders), currently funding research by Dr. Robert Chen in Toronto, Canada. We hope you’ll join us in supporting these efforts.

Together we continue to stand up to OT!

Pat Whitney
OT Newsletter Editor
To view the newsletter click on the edition below:
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The purpose of this site is to share information about Primary Orthostatic Tremor (OT). Since my diagnosis, my quest to learn more about this disorder has been frustrating and difficult to track. Hopefully, for all persons interested in this disorder, this website will become a coordinating link for collecting information, contacting other people with OT, and spreading awareness of this problem. Here you will find an active forum, my story / blog, and many other people that have shared their stories, advice and tips on coping with Orthostatic Tremor. If you have any information, suggestions, stories or services that you would like to share please email me.
This website is intended to be an informal guide. Any information relating to a therapy, treatment or diagnosis must be received with caution. Only a physician is authorized to confirm its validity. It must not, under any circumstances, delay or replace the advice of the treating physician. And is not a substitute for medical advice.

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