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The OT Travel/ID Info Card, Traveling tips and Information

People will help if they know how.
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People will help if they know how.

The OT Travel Card helps identify ourselves and explain our needs. The concept was to create a card that uses universal symbols, easy to understand, and easy to use.

Print the card and place into luggage tags or plastic holders. Keep the card with you, on your luggage, on your key chain, golf bag, motorcycle..... you get the idea : )

If you have the Adobe Reader application on your computer, click on the link below to open a higher resolution version that would be more suitable for printing. Print the PDF version of the card on a desktop printer or give a local print shop this webpage address and they can print and laminate the card.

Also, if anyone would like a card in another language please post the translation and we'd be glad to make a new version.

The description is very brief, the goal was to use as few words as possible to create the message. It is not an adequate description of OT and it's far from perfect. The objective of the card is to communicate as quickly as possible, that assistance is needed NOW!

The OT Travel/ID Info Card - the links below provide the high resolution PDF for printing. You can print this on a desktop printer, or give your local office supply or copy center this file to print.

To DOWNLOAD and save to your computer -
Left click (PC) / Ctrl+click (Mac) then choose "Save link as..."
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The OT Wallet Card - the link below provides the high resolution PDF for printing. You can print this on a desktop printer, or give your local office supply or copy center this file to print.

To DOWNLOAD and save to your computer -
Left click (PC) / Ctrl+click (Mac) then choose "Save link as..."

This PDF file is formatted to print on any of the following Avery compatible templates:
15871, 18871, 27871, 27881, 27882, 27883, 28371, 28873, 28876, 28877, 28878, 38871, 38873, 38876, 5371, 5376, 5377, 55871, 55876, 5870, 5871, 5874, 5876, 5877, 5878, 5882, 5911, 8271, 8371, 8372, 8376, 8377, 8471, 8476, 8571, 8865, 8870, 8871, 8872, 8873, 8874, 8875, 8876, 8877, 8878, 8879

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Quality ID Cards of the UK, has created cards laminated in plastic. The cards are available in English, French, Spanish and German. They are available on the uk eBay website, search under “Orthostatic Tremor Wallet Card” LINK
* Quality ID Cards - is entirely independent of this website. If you have any issues or questions, you can contact them for assistance.
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Cafepress website is now offering OT luggage tags on their website and you can order them directly from the website. The 4.25" x 2.5" luggage tag is printed on both sides and is currently $4.99 plus shipping. Even though it is described as a "luggage tag" I would think that this would be helpful in other applications too.

I have turned off any markup or commissions so hopefully the price will remain low, but prices may change. As always the OT website remains free for everyone.

In the upper right of the CafePress website you can choose other currencies: AUD/CAD/GBP/EUR/USD. I believe that the cards are printed in the US and CafePress will ship internationally, but there is a cost.

If you find any other services to print these cards please let everyone know.

*You can always download the OT travel card artwork from this page. Print out the cards (or bring the artwork to a local office supply / print shop) and the put the cards into a luggage tag.

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IMPORTANT - CafePress offers nice products and their customer service is very responsive. But, CafePress is entirely independent of this website. If you have any issues or questions, you can contact Cafepress for assistance.
TSA Links:

The following information can be found on the US TSA website,

Pat-Down Screening
If you cannot or choose not to be screened by advanced imaging technology or a walk-through metal detector, you will undergo a pat-down procedure instead. You may also undergo a pat-down procedure if you alarm the screening equipment and/or at random. The pat-down will be conducted by a TSA officer of the same gender and you may ask that the TSA officer change their gloves before performing a pat-down. The TSA officer will ask whether you have an injury or tender area to treat such areas accordingly during a pat-down. LINK

TSA Notification Card - "Passengers with disabilities and medical conditions are not required to provide medical documentation to an officer. However, many passengers find it helpful to have medical documentation as a way to discreetly communicate information about their needs to an officer. TSA also has created a Notification Card that passengers can use for discreet communication. Use of this Notification Card, or of medical documentation, does not exempt a passenger from screening, however." LINK

TSA Mobility Impairment Notification Card: (click to fill out and print)

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Additional travel links:

Air France - Reduced mobility and other disabilities

American Airlines - Special Assistance

British Airways - disability assistance information

JetBlue - Special Assistance

Jetstar Australia - Mobility Assistance

Lufthansa - Travel preparations for passengers with reduced mobility

Northern Ireland - Airport and airline services for travelers with disabilities

Qantas - mobility assistance

Rick Steve's travel website - travelers with disabilities

Rick Steve's Easy Access Europe - free book/pdf download

Southwest Airlines - Customers with Disabilities

TripAdvisor - Traveling with Disabilities Forum

UK Government - Travel for disabled people

United Airlines - Customers with disabilities

Virgin Australia - Mobility Assistance

Western Australia Gov - Air travel tips for people with disability brochure

Build and share information, if you find relevant travel links or tips please send it along so that we can post it and help other people with OT - click to share your travel information

The purpose of this site is to share information about Primary Orthostatic Tremor (OT). Since my diagnosis, my quest to learn more about this disorder has been frustrating and difficult to track. Hopefully, for all persons interested in this disorder, this website will become a coordinating link for collecting information, contacting other people with OT, and spreading awareness of this problem. Here you will find an active forum, my story / blog, and many other people that have shared their stories, advice and tips on coping with Orthostatic Tremor. If you have any information, suggestions, stories or services that you would like to share please email me.
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